Monday, March 22, 2010

I hoist my sail though there's no wind in sight

As you probably understood, the postal service have NOT found the package with my charger. But I e-mailed net on net to ask them if they would send me a new charger. The "nice" man answered me saying


Vi har nå bestillt ny lader til deg. Vi sender den så fort vi mottat den hos oss.

Ha en fin dag!"

(It means that they've ordered a new charger for me and that they will send it to me as soon as they receive it.)

This was last tuesday. I have not heard anything else since he sent me that message. I really don't know who I hate the most, net on net or the stupid postal service. So now it's been more than two months since I sent my charger to net on net, and basically i haven't had my computer since christmas, except from when i used to borrow my roomie's charger. i want mine back. now!!!

and this week is crap. because i don't really have class but i still have so much school work to do. I have to write two assignments that I have to pass in order to take my examns. wouldn't it be nice if easter break started today? then i could just sit in my bed and read all day long, like i've done this weekend. i love books! <3

but now i'm going back to working on my assignment... hopefully i can get the first one done today, or tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Ååe, liker ikke :\ Så dritt, dumme Posten!

Tonje said...


Hvordan går det med domenet ditt forresten, Elise? :D Jeg er så spent!

risa said...

you're funny

Anthine said...

huff..håpar du får ladaren din snart då. ..

Anonymous said...


silje said...

Thats a long time! When my charger breaks, I just make a phone call (to Dell), and a man delivers a new one at my door 2 days later!