Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I no longer use this blog. If you want to read more, go to my new blog, blogg.silver-speak.org.

Hope to see you there :)


Monday, March 22, 2010

I hoist my sail though there's no wind in sight

As you probably understood, the postal service have NOT found the package with my charger. But I e-mailed net on net to ask them if they would send me a new charger. The "nice" man answered me saying


Vi har nå bestillt ny lader til deg. Vi sender den så fort vi mottat den hos oss.

Ha en fin dag!"

(It means that they've ordered a new charger for me and that they will send it to me as soon as they receive it.)

This was last tuesday. I have not heard anything else since he sent me that message. I really don't know who I hate the most, net on net or the stupid postal service. So now it's been more than two months since I sent my charger to net on net, and basically i haven't had my computer since christmas, except from when i used to borrow my roomie's charger. i want mine back. now!!!

and this week is crap. because i don't really have class but i still have so much school work to do. I have to write two assignments that I have to pass in order to take my examns. wouldn't it be nice if easter break started today? then i could just sit in my bed and read all day long, like i've done this weekend. i love books! <3

but now i'm going back to working on my assignment... hopefully i can get the first one done today, or tomorrow.

Friday, March 12, 2010

it's like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife

Do you want to hear some good news?

...the postal service lost my package with my charger. It shouldn't be possible!! I've waited for it for SO long and now they can't find the package. My parents have been there several times to ask for it, but now, a week after they got the note saying that the package arrived, I still have no charger. So today I'm going to go down to the post office. HOPEFULLY they will have found the package, but honestly I don't really expect them to. So if they haven't I will start yelling and being mad at them, and if that doesn't help, I'll go sit down on their desk and tell them that I'm staying there until I'm holding the package in my hands. Maybe that'll help? I think so.

But before all of this, I'm going to the dentist. Someone save me... I'm not really that scared of the dentist, but I do definitely not enjoy it either. But I have to go.. Something is wrong with my teeth, because I had such an awful toothache last Saturday, and it's not the first time. (Even though it was the worst it's ever been) I'm going down there in 20 minutes. o_O But right now I don't even really care, I don't see how anything she'll do to me today can be any worse than the pain I was in on Saturday, and if it is, at least she can give me anesthetic or something.. >_> Wish me luck!!

(Picture taken from google.. It was on lots of different pages, without credit, so I don't know who took it.)

Monday, March 8, 2010

i'm told the river went dry

YAY. This weekend I was in Trysil with my friends. It was so nice. Except from when my teeth started hurting so much I just wanted to cry.

But on saturday my mum sent me a message saying that at home there's a package for me from net on net! FINALLY!! So now I'll get my charger back whenever I go home or my dad come to Oslo. HAPPYFACE.

And when I checked my mailbox yesterday I saw that I had got a note from the postal service saying that i've got a package here too.. from Borås, Sweden.. My shoes! I'm almost too scared to go pick them up. What if I don't like them? Or they don't fit? Shopping on the internet is scary. o_O

so that's my plans for the day. I'm going to write this thing I have to hand in in my spanish litterature class, and then I'm going to code my layout for my domain (YAY) so that hopefully I can open it really really soon. I'm excited. Then I'm going to go and pick up my package from the post office and theeeen I'm going to go spinning. I have to even though I don't want to. I've been too lazy lately. Or not really, but I feel like I have.

OK, enough with the rambling already. I'll write my Spanish thingy now, so that I can start coding the layout :D I just wanted to tell you all the good news. :P

(and in case you never noticed I love the word YAY XD )

Monday, March 1, 2010

embrace reaction

What's up with me only bloging when I should be at school, you might ask.. I know, I fail. I'm trying to do work, but it's spanish from Argentina and it's song lyrics so basically I don't understand anything. YAY, fun.

I have been working a little at my neeew blog though, lately, which is why I haven't been updating this one.. I'm hoping to get a lot done tonight, too. :) YAY.

And it's going to be in Norwegian. I'm sorry Risa. :P But you know, you can always use google translate. it doesn't translate perfectly, but you would probably usually at least get the main idea of it. :)

I still haven't got my power chord back, OR heard anything. I hate NetOnNet more and more every day. It REALLY shouldn't take this long! I sent it in the mail the 20th of January! It's been way more than a month! :@ I even sent an e-mail to complain that it took so long. The answer I got was "It shouldn't take that long, I'm sorry, I will check it out and see what takes so long.." And that was on wednesday. I haven't heard anything since then.

So I just want to say this again;

DON'T EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM NETONNET, BECAUSE THEIR COSTUMER SERVICE SUCKS. It might be a little cheaper there, but that's just because they save so much money on their so-called "costumer service"..

(Yes, I'm bitter, haha. I want my power chord back!)